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Use Connect

See the following resources to assist with day-to-day use of Clarity Connect:

  • Admin Console Overview provides a brief overview of the Clarity Connect administrative website and how it's set up.
  • 4.1 Agent Experience walks through how the Clarity Connect Console behaves when using different browsers, as well as the agent experience when answering calls through either the Skype for Business client or the Clarity Connect Console.
  • Dashboard provides instructions on how to use different Clarity Connect Dashboard versions.
  • Agent Console provides information on how to use different Clarity Connect Agent Console versions for call and instant messaging control.
  • Agent Management shows how to configure, edit, import, authorize, and skill Clarity Connect agents.
  • Handling walks through how to create alerts, dispositions, IM prompts, message templates, and queues in Clarity Connect.
  • Routing details how to create calendars, call flows, call flow mappings, extra items, message routing rules, and voice prompts in Clarity Connect.
  • Maintenance provides information on how to configure business units, groups, roles, skills, teams, advanced settings, API management, system configuration, and view system status.
  • Session Search page explains how to search for past sessions, listen to recordings, and more.
  • Reports provides detailed definitions of each historical report, along with its columns and data.
  • External Data Access Node shows how to set up and use the External Data Access Node in a call flow.