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Review Reason Codes

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From the main menu bar, hover over Agent Console and then click Review Reason Codes.


Review Reason Codes allows supervisors to modify their agents' away reason code time intervals and allows agents to set or modify their own away reason code time intervals if they miss setting these codes for a period of time.

Reason codes categorize agents' away time. Agents can select reason codes from the Set Status menu in the upper right corner of the administrative website. Users can create reason codes on the Reason Codes page of the administrative website.


Edit Reason Code

Click the Edit icon to modify a reason code (Figure 1).

Users are able to divide Total Unavailable Time into separate intervals down to one minute, if desired (Figure 2). If the Total Unavailable Time was greater than one minute, the Add Time icon will display. A different reason code can then be assigned to each interval.

Select a reason code from the drop-down menu. Click Save to finalize changes.

Figure 1 Review Reason Codes page

Figure 2 Edit Reason Code