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From the main menu bar, click Agent Management > Authorizations. This allows administrators to add or modify authorizations in the system.


Authorizations are roles assigned to agents for a particular business unit, team, or group.

Clarity Connect offers seven customizable roles to allow flexible permissions matrices to various resources, including Agent (default), IVR Editor, QA Monitor, Web API Developer, Team Lead, Supervisor, and Administrator. By default, all users are given Agent-level permissions for their assigned team. This grants them access to the Agent Console, the Dashboard, the Session Search page, and their own recordings and sessions transcripts.

For more information on how to manage Clarity Connect user authorizations and roles, see Roles.

If an agent is marked as Eligible for Additional Roles on the Agent Profiles page, that agent can be assigned any role at the team, group, or business unit level (including all business units, allowing them to monitor everyone on the Dashboard). Alternatively, the agent can be authorized as a supervisor for their team so they can manage agent profiles.



Search for existing authorizations using the search field (Figure 1).

Sort authorizations using the column heading arrows.

Create New Authorization

To create a new authorization, click the Agent drop-down menu and select an agent to grant additional authorizations to (Figure 1). Then, using either the BU, Team, or Group drop-down menu, select a level to assign the authorization to. Finally, using the Role drop-down menu, select a new role to assign the agent.

Click the Save icon to create the new authorization record.

Edit Existing Authorization

To update an existing agent authorization, click the Edit icon (Figure 1). Each field will display editable drop-down menus (Figure 2). Click Save to complete any modifications.

Figure 1 Agent Authorizations page

Figure 2 Editable drop-down menus

Delete Authorization

Click the Remove icon (X) to delete the selected agent’s authorization record.