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Reason Codes

From the main menu bar, click Agent Management > Reason Codes. This page allows supervisors to add or modify reason codes in the system.


Reason codes categorize agents' away time.

Agents can select reason codes from the Set Status menu in the upper right corner of the administrative website.

Supervisors and agents can review and change reason codes on the Review Reason Codes page on the administrative website if they miss setting these codes for a period of time. Here, the Total Unavailable Time can be divided into separate intervals down to one minute, if desired.



Search and sort existing reason codes using the search field and column heading arrows.

By default, only enabled reason codes are listed on the reason codes page. Click Show Disabled to display all reason codes. To conceal disabled reason codes, click Hide Disabled.

Click Show System to display the system reason codes At Lunch, In A Meeting, On Break, and Supervisor Assigned.

Click Hide System to conceal the system reason codes At Lunch, In A Meeting, On Break, and Supervisor Assigned.

Create New Reason Code

To create a new reason code, enter the desired text under New, select a business unit the reason code will be available to from the BU drop-down menu, and then click Add Reason Code. At Lunch, In A Meeting, On Break, and Supervisor Assigned are system reason codes and cannot be altered (Figure 1).

Business Units are a logical separation within the call center software. Each business unit has its own agents, queues, and calendars. Data cannot be accessed across business units except for administrators and users broken down into groups spanning multiple business units.
Reason codes can be added and associated with either specific business units or all business units.

Figure 1 Reason Codes page

Edit Existing Reason Code

To change an existing reason code’s business unit or disable the reason code, click the Edit icon under the Actions column. The Edit icon also displays Save and Cancel options.