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Silverlight Dashboard

From the main menu bar, click Dashboard > Silverlight Dashboard. This provides access to real-time Connect performance data. Users can view this Silverlight Dashboard instead of the HTML5 Dashboard, if desired.

The Silverlight Dashboard will be deprecated in a future release.

Dashboard Tiles

Depending on the user’s permissions, the Dashboard displays a separate metrics tile for each configured queue and a rollup tile that aggregates information from these queues. A direct call tile displays any direct calls proxied through Connect.

Each queue, rollup, or direct call grouping is represented by a tile (Figure 1) on the Dashboard overview screen (Figure 2). This tile shows performance metrics for that queue. Queues can also be hidden (see Hide Queues) from your own personal view of the Silverlight Dashboard.

Figure 1 Dashboard tile

Figure 2 Dashboard

Abandon Rate

This displays the percentage of communications abandoned (hang ups) while waiting in queue.

Active Communications

This displays the current number of active communications (callers speaking with an agent).

Average Speed of Answer

This displays the average amount of time communications wait in queue before being answered by an agent.

Longest Available Agent

If any agents are currently available, this displays the longest time any agent has been waiting for a call.

Longest Queue Delay

This displays the longest time a live communication has been in queue waiting for an agent to become available.

On-Phone Agents

This displays the number of agents logged on and either available, on a call, or in an after call state.

Queued Communications

This displays the number of communications currently in queue waiting to be connected to an agent.

Queue Depth

This displays the number of queued calls divided by the number of available, after-call, or in-call agents for that queue.

Click the arrow next to the queue depth metric to view agent distribution.

Queue Health

This bar displays a configurable key performance indicator (KPI) for the queue. In most cases, this is a service level agreement (SLA). At configurable thresholds, the bar shows as green, yellow, or red.

Total Communications

This displays the total number of calls, chats, or other communications received that day via the Clarity Connect platform.

Figure 3 Dashboard tile

Available Agents

This displays the number of available agents ready to accept queued calls.

Agents in Call

This displays the number of agents engaged in a communications session.

Agents in After Call Work

This displays the number of agents engaged in after call work.

Totals Bar

The totals bar shows metrics across all queue tiles displayed (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Totals bar

Queue Details View

To open the detail views for an individual queue tile, click the pop-out icon (Figure 5). To return to the overview from within a queue detail view, click the pop-out icon again.

Figure 5 Queue details

Agents Tab

In the queue details view, the Agents tab displays the current status of all configured agents for the selected queue (or that have direct call proxy enabled for the Direct Call tile) (Figure 6).

Figure 6 Agents tab

Rows are color-coded to represent agent utilization. Green indicates the agent has the capacity to accept at least one more IM session. Blue indicates the agent is fully utilized.

InImCall indicates the agent is participating in one or more IM sessions and no audio sessions.

InCall indicates an agent is participating in a voice session.

Sort columns by clicking the column headings.

Click an agent to expand his or her row. This displays the agent’s 24-hour history. Press Ctrl while clicking the agent’s row to collapse the row.

Queued Tab

The Queued tab displays all currently queued communications in the selected queue (Figure 7).

Figure 7 Queued tab

An icon at the left indicates the session’s modality. Each row displays the caller’s identity (if known) and how long the call has been queued.

Click Take Call to immediately route the call to the current user. If the call is currently being offered to another agent, there will be no response.

Active Tab

The Active tab displays all currently active communications in the selected queue (Figure 8).

Figure 8 Active tab

An icon at the left indicates the session’s modality. Each row displays the caller’s identity (if known) and the agent handling the session.

If the current user has permissions to listen to the agent’s recordings, a Recording icon will display. Click this to begin recording.

Click Silent to silently listen in on the call.

Click Whisper to only be heard by the agent upon joining the call.