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API Management

From the main menu bar, click Maintenance > API Management.


API Management allows users to create custom API integrations, define transport mechanisms that API clients can use to obtain real-time updates, create a whitelist, which controls URLs that are able to access the administrative website, and configure over 500 potential metrics that can be used to track Clarity Connect data via the Dashboard.



The Transports tab defines what transport mechanisms API clients can use to obtain real-time updates.

Select a check box and click Set Transports to enable a transport entry (Figure 1).

The Transports tab enables WebSockets, Server Sent Events, and Long Polling by default. Do not alter these settings unless a WebSocket error occurs. Enabling WebSockets may require reconfiguration of the firewall, load balancer, and/or reverse proxy changes.

Figure 1 Transports tab


The Whitelist tab contains a list of URLs allowed to access the administrative site.

Enter a URL and click Add Url to add a new URL entry (Figure 2). When asked, “Are you sure you want to add the URL to the whitelist?” click OK.

Click the Delete icon to delete the selected entry.

At the time of install, a system default entry is created and cannot be deleted.

Figure 2 Whitelist tab


The Clients tab allows users to create custom integration with the API.

Enter a client name and click Add Client to add a new client entry (Figure 3). When asked, “Are you sure you want to add the client?” click OK.

Click the Invalidate icon to invalidate the keys and secrets for the selected client. When asked, “Are you sure you want to invalidate the keys and secrets for this client?” click OK.

At the time of install, system default entries for Connect services and the Dashboard are created. These entries and cannot be deleted, as this would cause the Dashboard to fail.
Do not edit an entry’s Key & Secret setting unless the database’s security has been compromised.

Figure 3 Clients tab


Clarity Connect provides over 500 potential metrics that could be calculated. Out of the box, far fewer are enabled as each additional metric affects performance and network utilization. As users customize Dashboard templates or create API integrations, metrics can be enabled. Try to limit the number of metrics enabled to prevent network congestion.

Select an Enabled? check box to activate a metric (Figure 4). Enabled metrics will appear as options on the Dashboard Templates page.

Click Show Disabled to display disabled metrics. Click Hide Disabled to conceal disabled metrics.

Figure 4 Metrics tab