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From the main menu bar, click Maintenance > Groups. This allows administrators to add or modify groups in the system.



Groups are optional collections of teams.

Figure 1Groups example


Each agent is assigned to a single team and each team is assigned to a single business unit (and thus that agent is assigned to a single business unit as well). Multiple teams can be assigned to a single business unit. Queues are also assigned to a single business unit, and they can be assigned to any number of teams within that business unit if those teams require visibility of that queue.

Groups contain any number of teams, which may either comprise a single business unit or span across multiple business units.


If an agent is marked as Eligible for Additional Roles on the Agent Profiles page, that agent can be assigned any role at the team, group, or business unit level (including all business units, allowing them to monitor everyone on the Dashboard). Alternatively, the agent can be authorized as a supervisor for their team so they can manage agent profiles.



Search existing groups using the search field (Figure 1).

By default, only enabled groups are listed on the Groups page. Click Show Disabled to display all groups. To conceal disabled groups, click Hide Disabled.

Figure 1 Groups page

Create New Group

Click Create to create a new group. Edit the following fields to create a new group (Figure 2):

Group Name

The group’s name.


Select this box to disable the group. To display any hidden groups, click Show Disabled on the Groups page.

Add Authorizations

Enter the agent’s name and select a role to add to his or her current authorizations for the group.

Figure 2 Edit Groups page

Edit Existing Group

Click the Edit icon to modify an existing group.

Teams associated with the group can be assigned or un-assigned by clicking the Teams tab (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Teams tab