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Each Clarity Connect administrative functionality is governed by a resource, which grants a specific set of permissions to the user depending on his or her assigned role. To configure resources, click Maintenance > Roles. This allows administrators to modify existing roles (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Roles page


Roles are permissions matrices assigned to agents.

Clarity Connect offers six customizable roles to allow flexible permissions matrices to various resources:

  • Agent (default)
  • QA Monitor
  • IVR Editor
  • Supervisor
  • Team Lead
  • Web API Developer

By default, all users are given agent-level permissions for their assigned team. This grants them access to the Agent Console page, the Dashboard, the Session Search page, and their own recordings and session transcripts. Though this default assignment cannot be changed, agents can be assigned additional roles to gain access to the resources defined by that selected role. These permissions govern which items are visible on the main menu bar.

To view what permissions are associated with each role, see the Roles page.

Roles can be assigned to agents using the Teams, Business Units, or Groups pages, or by modifying them directly via Agent Management > Authorizations.


Although new roles cannot be created, existing roles can be customized by selecting the desired role from the drop-down menu and clicking the Edit icon. Select or deselect check boxes to alter the selected role's permissions.

Click Save to finalize any modifications.