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From the main menu bar, click Maintenance > Skills. This allows administrators to create, modify, and disable skills in the system.


A skill defines an agent's area of expertise.

Clarity Connect uses skills-based routing to assign calls to agents with the appropriate expertise rather than simply choosing the next available agent. This means that agents skilled in Support are assigned a Support skill and can accept calls from the Support queue.

Queues are associated with a particular business unit (Support, for example), as well as a particular skill or set of skills an agent must have to accept calls from that queue.

Agents can have multiple skill sets, and each skill can be assigned a priority level via the Agent Profiles page. The most experienced agents can be assigned a first-level skill, while less experienced agents can be assigned a second, third, fourth, or even fifth-level skill. This ensures callers are routed to the most experienced agents first.



Search existing skills using the search field (Figure 1).

By default, only enabled skills are listed on the Skills Configuration page. Click Show Disabled Skills to display all skills. To conceal disabled skills, click Hide Disabled Skills.

Create New Skill

Click Create New Skill to create a new skill. Edit the following fields to create a new skill (Figure 2):

Skill Name

Enter the skill’s name.


Select this box to disable the skill. To display any disabled skills, click Show Disabled Skills on the Skills page.

Click Save to finalize the new skill.

Figure 1 Skills Configuration page

Figure 2 Create a Skill page

Edit Existing Skill

From the Skills page, click the Edit icon (pencil) to modify an existing skill. Click Save to finalize any modifications.