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Call Flow Mappings

From the main menu bar, hover over Routing and then click Call Flow Mappings. This allows users to create, edit, and delete call flow mappings in the system.


Call flow mappings are incoming URIs assigned to call flows. They define which call flow to use, as well as where in the particular call flow to begin.

Mappings must be configured on the Skype for Business server. Each phone number and SIP address must be configured as a trusted application endpoint so the Skype for Business server will properly route the call to the portal. This allows the mapping to send the call to the appropriate call flow.

See Call Flows for more information on configuring call flows.



Search and sort existing mappings using the search field and column heading arrows.

Click the Details icon to view settings for the selected call flow mapping.

Click the Delete icon to delete a call flow mapping.

Create New Call Flow Mapping

Click Create New Mapping to create a new mapping (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Incoming URI to Call Flow Mappings page

Edit the following fields to create a new call flow mapping (Figure 2):


Enter the mapping’s name.

Incoming URI

Enter the name of the incoming URI. This may be a partial (e.g., 56789) or full (e.g., 1234567890) name.

Call Flow

Select the call flow from the drop-down menu. This selection will automatically populate the list of Starting Nodes, which allows the user to override a Start node if desired. The call flow menu only lists currently published Call Flows.

Starting Node

Select the box to override the default starting node.


Enter a name for the call flow mapping.

Click Save to finalize the new call flow mapping.

Figure 2 Create a New Incoming URI Mapping page

Edit Existing Call Flow Mapping

From the Incoming URI to Call Flow Mappings page, click the Edit icon (pencil) to modify an existing mapping.

Click Save to finalize any modifications.