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Voice Prompts

From the main menu bar, click Routing > Voice Prompts. This allows administrators to upload and update voice prompts in the system.


Voice prompts are voice or music recordings that can be used in interactive voice response (IVR) and hold messages.

Voice prompts can be used for holiday or after hours messages, custom hold music, IVR prompts, and more.




Search and sort existing voice prompts using the search field and column heading arrows (Figure 1).

Click the Archive icon (folders) to archive and hide a selected voice prompt.

Click Show Archived Voice Prompt to display all voice prompts. Click Hide Archived Voice Prompts to conceal archived voice prompts.

Click the Details icon to view settings for the selected voice prompt.

Figure 1 Voice Prompts page

Create New Voice Prompt

From the Voice Prompts page, click Create New Voice Prompt to create a new voice prompt.

Figure 2 Create Voice Prompt page

Edit the following fields to create a new voice prompt (Figure 2):

Voice Prompt Name

Enter the prompt’s name.

Load From Network Source?

Select the box to load a pre-recorded prompt from a network source. Several new fields will appear (Figure 3). Network sourced prompts are loaded directly from the provided network path. In case of network failure, a backup non-network prompt must be selected to load until connectivity is restored. WMA and MP3 files are supported.

Browse File | Click Mic to Record

Click Choose File and upload a pre-recorded local file for the voice prompt or click the Microphone icon to initiate a Skype for Business call to the currently logged on user. Connect will run through a series of steps to record an updated prompt and allow verification and approval of the recording. The audio will then be processed and loaded immediately as the updated voice prompt. WMA and MP3 files are supported.

Destination Directory

This is the directory the file will be saved to.

Click Save to finalize the new voice prompt.

Figure 3 Load From Network Source options

Edit Existing Voice Prompt

From the Voice Prompts page, click the Edit icon (pencil) to modify an existing voice prompt.

Voice prompts can also be modified by clicking the Details icon from the Voice Prompts page. From the Details page, click the Edit icon to edit the selected voice prompt (Figure 4). Click the Rollback icon to revert to the previous version of the voice prompt. Click the Back icon to return to the Voice Prompts page.

Click Save to finalize any modifications.


Figure 4 View Voice Prompt Details page