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Main Connect Services Configuration

Any configuration override changes made prior to the May 2017 cumulative update will take approximately one hour to take effect. Any configuration override changes made after the May 2017 cumulative update will take effect immediately.

Portal Configuration

Metrics Configuration

Agent Finder Configuration

Modality Configuration

Hold Configuration

Audio Phone Hold Configuration

IM Hold Configuration

After Hours Configuration

Audio/Video After Hours Configuration

Instant Messaging After Hours Configuration

Routing Configuration

Audio/IM Routing Configuration

The following Routing Configuration settings are available:

Message Router Configuration

O365 Message Router Configuration

Website Configuration

Admin Website Configuration

Dashboard Configuration

Agent Console Configuration

Integration Configuration

Salesforce Integration Configuration

CSI Integration Configuration

Dynamics Online Integration Configuration

General Integration Configuration

Real-time Data API Configuration

Misc. Configuration

ETL Configuration

Logging Configuration

General Configuration

Instance-Specific Configuration

XML Configuration